The International SAMBO Tournament “Friendship” was held in Romania

Sambists from 6 countries became participants of the International Sambo Tournament “Friendship”, which was held from May 25 to May 30 in Romania. The arena for the competition was the sports base of the NOC of the country – the Sydney-2000 sports complex.

Sambists from Congo, France, Israel, Moldova, Ukraine and Romania took part in the tournament. The organizers of the “Friendship” international competitions were the Romanian Sambo Federation and the Romanian National Olympic Committee.

The guests of the tournament were the President of the NOC Mihai Kovaliu, the Secretary General of the NOC Georgy Boroy, as well as IOC member Sergey Bubka.

After the end of the tournament, sambists took part in a three-day training camp.

You can check out the results HERE

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