The key benefits of judo for college students

Back in 1882, Jigoro Kano founded Judo. It focuses on flexibility when applying various techniques. When performing a skill, the focus is on flexibility and efficiency while using leverage and balance when moving. To succeed in Judo, you need to learn timing, technique, and skill instead of using strength alone to beat your enemy, writes Judo Inside.

Every Judo class starts with Ukemi (receiving body). It teaches learners how to react appropriately when attacked and shows the skills that are needed to respond effectively to an attack. Before anything else, each student must learn how to fall. If you don’t learn how to fall in the right manner, you’ll get hurt. Since you’ll get thrown often while practicing, it’s important to learn how to fall.

Ukemi is comprised of two main methods. Your arm will either hit the mat or you’ll roll your body forward when falling. You should avoid putting your hands out when falling to prevent serious injuries. You’ll have to be comfortable with falling to enjoy the benefits of Judo in the long run. Here are some remarkable benefits of Judo for college students.

Judo and study

Judo and study go hand in hand. Judo frees the mind which is a perfect combination with your study. This is why there are so many judo clubs training in the evening after a good day of college where students from all over the place and sometimes even different nationalities practice judo. There are even Student Championships at the national level and soon in June, the elite athletes will go to the World University Games in China.

The first world-class sports event in western Chinese city Chengdu. It will be the 31st Summer World University Games edition and the university vibe in Chengdu is already in place. The Games will take place from 27 June – to 7 July 2022. The Judo tournament has always attracted a lot of top athletes in history.

The FISU Universiade was held in 1959 with the first edition in Torino, Italy. The previous edition in China was in 2001 in Beijing with some famous winners such as Masato Uchishiba (JPN), Dennis van der Geest (NED), and Yurisleidys Lupetey of Cuba. In the past, later Olympic Champions won gold at the Universiade such as 7-time world champion and double Olympic Champ Ryoko Tani, Heavyweight Idalys Ortiz, and current double Olympic Champion Lukas Krpálek who won the tournament in 2013 in both U100kg and open categories.

The Key Benefits

1.Perfect for self-defense

If you’ve always wanted to learn a martial art for self-defense, Judo is perfect for you. It can help you control, subdue or even make your enemy unconscious with throws, chokeholds, and locks if required. You can get free time to practice by delegating academic tasks to best essay writing service. Judo will boost your confidence because you’ll always know that you can handle any situation that arises quickly and effectively.

2.Improves health and fitness

You won’t see powerful kicks and punches being thrown. However, judo training can be quite tough. The warm exercises alone can easily make you tired and sweaty. Part of judo training is Randori which allows you to practice various techniques against resisting opponents. This is a tough workout as it will require the constant engagement of your muscles and core. Imagine engaging with someone in this manner for close to 45 minutes. This workout can be compared to HIIT.

3.Develops balance, core, and overall strength

Judo training requires the constant engagement of muscles and core. And this improves balance, stability, and overall strength. You’ll gain lots of strength if you are consistent in your practice especially in pulling and grip strength.

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