The “ki” in Aikido (VIDEO)


The name aikido is based on the ki principle. Ki is the life force; a driving force that gives life its meaning.

Ki, mind, and body are one.

The founder, O’sensei Morihei Ueshiba was in search of the Ki Harmony. “Ki is the universe’s life energy. It determines the undetectable work of the five senses. Only by using this unifying force of body and mind you will be able to move freely as much as you want.”

How can we use Ki to its finest?

First, we must learn how to use the power of breathing, kokyu ryoku in Japanese. A similar term to it is the Indian philosophy term prana, meaning “breathing”.

O’sensei Morihei Ueshiba understood the need to unite spirit, body, and ki. Through this union, a person is able to connect to the universe and acquire power over the life force. Eventually, the harmony existing between mind, body, and energy will lead to true enlightenment – the ultimate aim of Aikido.

Avoid conflict. Do not fight

Through the union of mind, body, and spirit the universe manifests itself in its true form. Everything that goes against the Universal Laws becomes transparent. It is impossible to achieve victory by going against the Universal Truth.

This way of thinking, in harmony with the universe, prevents us from losing.

The principle of victory without confrontation sets Aikido free from the confines of competitions and direct confrontation one-on-one. Aikido is not concerned with the vanity of victory and the disappointment of the loss. Aikido is not a sport of winners and losers. Aikido is Budo, training the mind and the spirit, and showing the pure way.

Bulgarian Aikido Federation

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