The legendary Takashi Azuma passed away

Founder of Kudo and Kyokushin Legend Takashi Azuma died aged 71.

During his studies in high school Azuma Takashi began practicing judo, which is training, in addition to the traditional Japanese karate included in the secondary education system in Japan.

In 1969, Azuma Takashi was drafted into the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, where he served for 2 years.

After completing his service in 1971, Azuma Takashi entered Waseda University, Tokyo, where he received a higher education at the Faculty of Philosophy.

In 1971, at the age of 21, Azuma Takashi began dedicating himself to Kyokushin karate under the guidance of master Masutatsu Ōyama.

In one year he has the right to open the Kyokushin karate section at Waseda University.

He is 9th All Japan Champion 1977 as well as 2nd in 1974 plus two 3rd places. Azuma also took 6th place in the 1st World Championships and 4th place in 2nd WC.

In 1981 founded the Daido Juku organisation and developed the full contact art of Kudo one of the first Mixed Martial Arts!

Legends never die! Rest in peace.

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