Throwback Thursday: First K-1 Grand Prix in history (VIDEO)

Kyokushin World Union (KWU) reminds about the glory moments of kickboxing and in particular the K-1 variation.

KWU published review of the first K-1 Grand Prix. The video clip is 11:30 min long, and is must to see.

“Enjoy the great battles and names in martial arts”:


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Enjoy the great battles and names in martial arts 🥋

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In 1993 a global phenomenon was born thanks to the Japanese Kyokushin master Kazushi Ishii. Ishii created K-1: an elimination kickboxing tournament that has been held annually since 1993 by the K-1 organization. Each year, K-1 held various 16-men, 8-match Grand Prix style tournaments throughout the world to determine which 16 fighters will compete in the K-1 World GP.

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