Tito Ortiz releases promo for potential Mike Tyson fight (VIDEO)

MMA legend Tito Ortiz has released a promo video for a potential fight against boxing legend Mike Tyson, who recently announced his desire to compete again.

Tyson recently said that he wants to return to the boxing ring with the money going to charity. He has released videos and photos of himself and he looks to be in great shape despite having not fought in years. As soon as Tyson said he wanted to fight again, he received callouts from several legends such as Ken Shamrock and Ortiz.

Now Ortiz has released a promo video for a potential fight against Tyson. If they were to fight, it’s unclear if the matchup would take place in a boxing ring or in MMA, but Ortiz is shooting his shot and hopes to fight Tyson regardless of the ruleset.

Check out the video Ortiz released via his Twitter.

Ortiz is one of the greatest fighters in MMA history and a legend of combat sports. Tyson, meanwhile, is one of the best boxers ever and still a massive name in combat sports despite being retired since 2005. Tyson is 53 years old now but he has made it clear in recent weeks that he wants to return to active competition again. If he does indeed fight again, it makes a lot of sense for him to fight an older fighter such as Shamrock or Ortiz in his comeback fight.

If Ortiz lands this fight against Tyson it would represent a massive payday for the former UFC light heavyweight champion. Even if it was a boxing match and he got knocked out, Ortiz would still be in line to make a lot of money from it. And if it’s MMA, Ortiz would have a considerable advantage over Tyson. So we will see what happens, but don’t write off this potential fight as a joke just yet.

Source: BJpenn.com

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