Tony Ferguson makes weight despite postponed fight at UFC 249

Tony Ferguson s nothing if not professional about his weight cuts even when his fight has been postponed.

Originally, UFC 249 was scheduled for Saturday night, April 18 where Ferguson was supposed to face Justin Gaethje with an interim lightweight title on the line. The show was later postponed after ESPN executives asked UFC president Dana White to “stand down” due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

While the event was postponed, the UFC quickly scrambled to find a new date and location with Ferguson now expected to face Gaethje on May 9 instead.

Despite the change of plans, that didn’t stop Ferguson from making his planned weight cut on Friday as he stepped onto the scale at a slim, trim 155 pounds even though he’s no longer competing this weekend.

Ferguson documented the weigh-in on his Instagram where he hit the mark for a championship fight in the lightweight division.

“Not bad,” Ferguson said after stepping off the scale. “I’m skinny. I can eat now.”


Even after the event was postponed, Ferguson promised he was still going to make weight regardless and he followed through on Friday.

While his fight with Gaethje was postponed, Ferguson will make weight a second time with the interim title on the line when he makes his return to action on May 9.



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