The bronze medal match ups were an exciting build up to the final of the U23 Mixed Team European Championships here in Sarejevo.

Hungary were first up to defeat Ukraine, followed by the defending U23 champions, Georgia, defeating France 4:1. In the ultimate final, Germany and Türkiye, neither of whom were on the podium in last years event, battled it out for the gold.

Little time was wasted in the first two rounds, in the -73kg category, Umalt DEMIREL (TUR) took all of 8 seconds to put the first win on the board for Türkiye, countering an uchi mata attempt from Peter THOMAS in the first exchange.

The momentum gave Habibe AFYONLU (TUR) the strength to score waza ari from ura nage but again, as earlier in the day, Friederike STOLZE (GER) stepped up to the plate for her team and took down Afyonlu with te waza following a weak attack from the Turkish athlete.

A swift tai otoshi from Omer AYDIN (TUR) in the first 10 seconds if the -90kg was enough for the win against Johann LENZ who was unable to pull it back and even the score. Next up was U23 European champion Hilal OZTURK for Türkiye who demonstrated her devastating maki komi in just over 30 seconds to give her team a third win.

Losseni KONE (GER) was not about to let the quick wins against his team continue as he took on yesterdays +100kg silver medallist Munir ERTUG (TUR) in the +90kg category. He managed to hold out for over two minutes but Ertug was too strong with his maki komi, earning himself a waza ari. In to the final minute the pair went, then a sasae tsuri komi ashi from Ertug saw Kone lose his balance, enough for Ertug to drive down to seal the deal and give Türkiye the U23 European Mixed Team title!

Source: www.eju.net

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