Tyson Fury: Anthony Joshua has to prove himself again

Tyson Fury thinks Anthony Joshua’s loss last year to Andy Ruiz Jr. has eliminated him in the running to decide who the best heavyweight in the world.

Fury is excluding Joshua from being considered as one of the best.

“It was a three horse race, he got eliminated. It’s a two horse race now,” said Fury about Joshua. “Two horses (Deontay Wilder and Fury), and there’s only going to be one standing after this fight,” said Tyson about his fight with Deontay.

Image: БТА

“He already got knocked out. He’s out of it, way out of it,” said Fury about Joshua. “And he needs to prove himself again. And I don’t mean prove yourself by hitting and running from a little fat guy all over the ring, I mean prove yourself on high level again.”

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