Tyson Fury: “Big offers on the table” for Anthony Joshua fight

Tyson Fury had just given it all three days to get a deal done with Anthony Joshua, whatever that meant, but following AJ’s hope that a deal can still get finalized soon, Fury says there are indeed some big offers on the table that he’ll examine this weekend:


“Three or four big offers on the table. Interest in Saudi Arabia, my gypsy brothers in Qatar, Uzbekistan, Russia, America, England — there’s some big, big offers on the table,” he said. “I’m going to go through them on Sunday and hopefully we’ll get this big fight on. Let me smash this big dosser; big, useless dosser.”

It’s still “hopefully,” and in all reality you can probably count out Uzbekistan and England there, and likely Russia and America, too. The money is most likely going to come from the Middle East if we’re getting this fight in the summer.

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