Tyson Fury is confident he’s in Whyte’s head

Tyson Fury has vowed that he will be able to accommodate to anything Dillian Whyte has to offer ahead of their huge showdown.

The massive event at Wembley Stadium in London takes place on Saturday 23 April, as Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs) defends his WBC heavyweight title against Whyte (28-2, 19 KOs).

The two fighters spoke in front of the media on a Zoom call on Thursday, and Fury not only revealed his confidence for the battle with Whyte, but also praised the fans for making the event possible.

Fury said: “When the first bell goes, it’s up to Dillian. Whatever he wants to do we’ll accommodate him. We adapt to the situation and environment that we’re in. It’s amazing. I’m overwhelmed with the support I’ve had over the last few years, and it’s only fitting to come home and give the British fight fans what they deserve, a big fight at home.”


“It’s just over a week away, and I’m sure both camps are looking forward to the fight and will give it everything we’ve got on the night. The fans will be made up with the action we’re going to bring. I want to say a massive thank you to everybody who bought a ticket and made the event possible, as without the fans there would be no event. To sell Wembley out in a few hours was crazy to me. It’s a really happy time for me and my family, not only because of the fight, but for all of these people to show their love in this massive event is fantastic.”

Fury believes that his mind games force Whyte to vanish for the majority of the pre-fight build and no-show the kick-off press conference.

“People always say I am a master of mind games but I don’t do anything intentionally. I just talk, sometimes it’s a load of old rubbish and sometimes it’s good, most of the time it is entertaining. But a lot of fighters have a fear factor that I am going to get in their head. I’m not [Professor] X, I am just a boxer, how can I get inside someone’s brain?,” Fury said.

“But Dillian Whyte not getting involved has shown that I am in his mind already. He has stayed away and stayed quiet because he thinks it will stop that. But I know he has been thinking hard about me.”

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