Tyson Fury makes impact at WWE Clash at the Castle, stares down Roman Reigns after interfering in main event

Tyson Fury was a guest at WWE’s big Clash at the Castle show today in Cardiff, Wales, which was the company’s biggest UK event since the famed 1992 SummerSlam event at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Fury was shown in the crowd at one point as one of the notables and celebrities in attendance — UFC champ Leon Edwards was also there, among others — and then got involved in the main event between WWE champion .

Fury was first involved when he punched Theory in the back of the head as Theory tried to cash in his “Money in the Bank” opportunity, which took the potential interloper out of the equation. That allowed for a finish that saw Reigns deflate 60,000-plus by eventually pinning McIntyre.

“I know you’re feeling down right now, but you done your country and everyone in here proud. That was an unbelievable fight, well done, mate. You should be proud of yourself. Everybody in this building was chanting ‘Drew McIntyre,’ that must have been an awesome feeling. Chin up, son, chin up.”

Fury then said “at times like this,” he can only think of one thing, and then he started singing “American Pie” while McIntyre awkwardly stared at him and tried to figure out how to emote, and the crowd mostly seemed confused, because nobody here bought a ticket to see Tyson Fury.

McIntyre joined in to sing the chorus.

The effort was mainly to send fans off happier than they might have been just ending as the show normally would, with the bad guy champion triumphant once again. McIntyre then talked, but this is a boxing site and nobody really cares.

McIntyre then tried to get Fury to sing “Sweet Caroline,” but Fury declined, and then McIntyre sang a bit of “Don’t Look Back in Anger.”

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