Tyson Fury rules out ever fighting under MMA rules

It seems that the former unified heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has changed his mind on fighting in an MMA bout.

In the last few days, there were reports that Conor McGregor himself would train “The Gypsy King” in the future, but for now, that probably won’t be happening. At least for money purposes.

Last year Fury started talking about going to the UFC and kickstarting his mixed martial arts career in 2020. He even did some training sessions with UFC’s Darren Till.

Here’s what the Brit had to say yesterday when he was asked if we’ll ever see him inside an Octagon.

“I would fight an MMA fighter,” Fury said.

“But not in a wrestling match (with groundwork). In a stand-up fight. “We could go into a cage and put cage gloves on. If they wanted to kickbox, but I don’t recommend that with a giant with long legs. “Whatever they wanna do. As long as it’s not grabbing to the floor and all that. I don’t like all that stuff. It’s not really my thing.

“I’m alright with my legs, but it’s not my thing. Punching is my thing. Obviously, you can’t have it your own way all of the time.

“But any one of the guys (Miocic, Jones or Ngannou). When I’m finished with the boxing I’ll have a dust-up with them.”

Source: www.worldboxingnews.com

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