Tyson Fury willing to fight Anthony Joshua, but only if no money is involved

WBC heavyweight champion may not be intending to head into retirement after all. In a recent social media post, Fury says he wants to make it clear to the world that he’s prepared to make a big British fight against Anthony Joshua, but adds in a ‘free’ stipulation that likely makes it an impossibility.

“That’s how the fight happens, I’ll sign the contract today,” Fury, 33, said on his Instagram. “The fight’s got to be for free. Free-to-air television and all tickets go for free. No money is to be made out of this British historic fight if it happens. There’s the terms, I’m in the driving seat, take it or effing leave it. The ball is in your court, guys. … Either way, I don’t give a damn.”

Even if were possible to stage a fight of this kind to Fury’s specifications, Anthony Joshua is first set to rematch Oleksandr Usyk next month in a bid to win back the handful of world titles he lost to him last September, and would presumably need to win that fight to make this happen.

But one might also find it a bit hypocritical that Fury is now suggesting a free fight against Joshua when last month he was demanding a half-billion dollars to ever fight again. A fight like this happening under either premise is probably equally as unlikely.

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