Uali Kurzhev Promotes Integrity in SAMBO

The FIAS #FairSAMBO Campaign has its ambassador Uali KURZHEV, 4-times World SAMBO Champion who promotes integrity in SAMBO within athletes’ community.

The main threats to sports integrity including competition-manipulation and behaviours that impact people’s positive experience of sport should be avoided. Therefore, FIAS together with its partner CSCF established the aim for next three years to minimalize such an issue.

“Education should be massive in our sport. Because the more people get acquainted with the basics of the rules of integrity, there will be reduced risk of match fixing in SAMBO”, Uali addressed to SAMBO athletes around the word.


History of Karate

Karate (空手) (/kəˈrɑːti/; Japanese pronunciation: [kaɾate] (About this soundlisten); Okinawan pronunciation: [kaɽati]) is a martial

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