UFC cancels its next three events

UFC has finally accepted that there is no point in fighting the coronavirus pandemic and the organization is shutting down its next three shows.

UFC President Dana White and his people were probably the last major sports organization in the world that didn’t want to suspend any of its fight nights, but that is all in the past now.

Several shows were rescheduled and they were about to go down behind closed doors, but with the new restrictions in charge, it’s impossible to find venues.

News of the cancellations came from White himself. The e-mail sent from Dana to his UFC employees was mentioned by Michael Carroll via Twitter.

The decision affects fight cards in London on March 21, Columbus on March 28 and Portland on April 11. The move comes as authorities around the world impose restrictions on gatherings of large numbers of people.

“We did everything we could to relocate our next 3 events, London, Columbus, and Portland,” White told employees in his email.

“But every day, there are new restrictions put in place on travel and large public gatherings that are making it impossible to stay on schedule.”

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