Urska Zolnir is the new Sports Director of the EJU Executive Committee

2012 Olympic Champion Urska Zolnir has been elected into the EJU Executive Committee as Sports Director. The Slovenian star was also coach at the successful 2016 Olympic Games. She won a bronze medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. At the EJU Extraordinary Congress in Vienna Laszlo Toth was elected EJU President. Austrian President Martin Poiger was elected as EJU General Secretary, reports “Judo Inside”.

Envic Galea (MLT) was chosen as General Treasurer as successor of Toth. Otto Kneitinger led the meeting as interim President and will get back to his position as Senior Vice President Marketing. Hrvoje Lindi (CRO) follows up Michal Vahcun (CZE) as  Vice President Sport.

Another former Olympic medallist, Sergei Aschwanden (SUI), will be the new vice President Education. Catarina Rodrigues (POR) will be Head Sport Director assisted by Sezer Huysuz (TUR), Agron Kuka (KOS), and Urska Zolnir Jugovar (SLO).

Alexandr Jatskevitch (LAT) will remain Refereeing Director, Alexandr Nagibin (UKR) is still at his post at Marketing Director but now together with Jacek Zawadka (POL). Ronnie Saez (GBR) will be Education Director together with Kristiina Pekkola (SWE) and Israeli President Moshe Ponte (ISR) was elected as Development Director.

History of Karate

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