Vadim Nemkov: Keep sports out of politics

Four-time combat sambo wolrd champion and current Bellator light heavyweight king Vadim Nemkov is stepping in the Octagon this upcoming Friday.

The Russian will be defending his belt against Corey Anderson in the main event of Bellator 277 which takes place on April 15 in San Jose, US.

Without a doubt, Nemkov and his brother Vikto are two of the finest Russian martial artists these days.

Training in Kislovodsk,  Russia, Nemkov’s camp was treated like a quarantine base. No one was let in or out, and his entire focus was on preparing for the challenge that awaits him in the cage. While Nemkov is well-aware of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, he believes there should be a distinction between politics and sports.

“For me, I’m training,” Nemkov said. “I try not to watch the news and I try to stay off social media. Keep sports out of politics. That’s not my focus. My primary focus is preparing for this fight and getting this win.”

Nemkov has heard the criticisms directed at Russia for their attack on Ukraine, but it has not altered his mindset entering this fight.

“I’m proud to be from Russia and proud to represent Russia,” Nemkov said. “I think sports should be separate from politics.”

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