Valentina Shevchenko on trilogy with Nunes: It’s going to happen one day

Valentina Shevchenko is focus on defending her title in flyweight division following her initial run in the UFC at bantamweight. The champion is considered as one of the greatest fighters of all the time.

Her last 2 meetings with Amanda Nunes in the Octagon are considered as classics and the fans want to see trology.

“I just take everything as it comes. It doesn’t mean that I have to think about it all the time,” Shevchenko told MMA Fighting when asked about a potential fight against Nunes. “When it comes, I will think about this matter. For now, I’m focused on my weight division.”

Image: БТА

“I was waiting for a long time before flyweight was open. Because every time I was fighting with the bigger, longer, taller opponents at 135 [pounds]. Now finally I have the opportunity to show myself in the weight class where I belong.”

“Our fate between me and Amanda, it’s not something that you want, it’s not something that she wants or that I want. It’s past that point already. It’s going to happen,” Shevchenko stated. “It’s going to happen one day.”

“I don’t know when but it’s already out of anything that a person can wish for. When it’s ready, I will be ready as well.”

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