Vasiliy Lomachenko: Gervonta Davis is the best fighter on Twitter

At last night’s post-fight press conference, a reporter was looking to ask Vasiliy Lomachenko about his next fight, noting that Lomachenko had brought up Mikey Garcia in the ring after beating Anthony Crolla.

The reporter mentioned super featherweight titleholder Gervonta Davis, and promoter Bob Arum jumped in before the question could even fully develop.

“Ask Floyd Mayweather! He said the kid isn’t ready yet for the fight! Floyd Mayweather is his promoter,” Arum said, or perhaps scolded. “Floyd Mayweather, of anybody, knows about boxing. The question of whether Gervonta Davis is ready to fight a master like Loma should be put to Floyd Mayweather. Let him answer that question. Don’t ask stupid stuff about Gervonta Davis when his promoter says he’s not ready!”

But the Arum rage is not the highlight here. That comes from Lomachenko, who let Arum finish, and timed his follow-up.

“But, you know, I think Gervonta Davis is the best fighter on Twitter,” Lomachenko said.

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