Victor Ortiz planning boxing return

During this recent social media video, long time no see welterweight Victor Ortiz (32-6-3, 25 KOs) makes an appearance to discuss his intended return to action, now guided by renewed faith. Ortiz says that while he’s largely been written off by the boxing world he’s only been on the sidelines because he’s been dealing with some legal issues, most notably allegations of rape, to which he has pleaded not guilty, but he still fully intends to make a return once this pandemic passes. Check out some excerpts below.

Victor Ortiz on his long absence from the ring:

“The boxing world wrote me off, you know. The boxing world said that Victor Ortiz is done, that Victor Ortiz is retired, Victor Ortiz will never fight again. I don’t know where they got that source from, I don’t know why they thought that. I mean, I’m not done. The only reason I haven’t fought was because two years ago I went through some really ugly experiences in the court system, and I’m still dealing with them. So I’ve been in and out of courts over that.

“…when this is over, and when this COVID is over, I’m back in the ring. And I don’t think the welterweight division’s happy to see that. I’m a dangerous guy, left handed, hit hard with both hands, I still have (the IQ), so hey, I’m coming back for my belts. And I’m coming back for my belts because my two little boys will see daddy as the world champion again.

“Yeah, right now isn’t the best of timing — for anyone, though — because of the pandemic, the COVID, and obviously whenever you’re going through issues with your own family it only gets harder to do stuff like this…

“I just want to let all the fans know, just thank everyone for your support. You know ever know what someone goes through so the judgement that comes or goes — everyone’s liable to make a judgement but at the end of the day only God can judge me. I got out of my way just to be kind…I’ll be back, I’ll be back very strong this whole year. But obviously we gotta clear up some things and as far as my baby’s mama and my two babies, it’s all gonna be good.”

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