Video: Fan tries to rush the octagon at UFC 274, gets launched by security

A disclaimer to all UFC fans: If you try to rush the octagon, bad things are going to happen.

One particularly foolish fan found that out over the weekend at UFC 274. In a clip uploaded on Sunday by TikTok user Shriak Sharma, the offending attention-seeker vaults over a barrier in the stands and attempts to rush the cage amid the ensuing chaos of Charles Oliveira’s first-round submission win over Justin Gaethje. The young woman, who is unidentified in the clip, manages to climb just feet away from her goal — before promptly getting tossed to the floor by security in Phoenix’s Footprint Center.

Video of the footage can be seen below, with the added commentary from Sharma, “Disclaimer: I don’t know this girl and I’m extremely lit at this point don’t mind my voice.”

An official for arena security at the Footprint Center told MMA Fighting on Monday that the fan was seen by the medical staff after the incident and was uninjured.

“It was swiftly dealt with and she was ejected from the arena,” the official said.

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