Video: UFC champ Jan Blachowicz takes a spill on ‘Ninja Warrior’ Poland

The obstacle courses on ‘Ninja Warrior’ are quite challenging, and Jan Blachowicz learned firsthand from his recent run on the Polish version of the show.

The current UFC light heavyweight champion was introduced to Ninja Warrior Polska in grandiose fashion, with help from Polish rapper and KSW ring announcer Waldemar Kasta, better known as Wall-E. Once the stage was set by Kasta, Blachowicz started his run and did well in the beginning. He carefully hopped over four pedestals that increased in height before he grabbed a rope and swung over to the next obstacle.

Blachowicz then held on to an apparatus that resembled a pool noodle with handles and was flung through an uneven bar that sent him to the next platform. The crowd was behind the champion now as they began cheering his name and Blachowicz took a look at what would be his final obstacle. Ahead of him were more pedestals, however, these ones not only varied in height but also wobbled upon impact. Blachowicz stepped on three of them before losing his balance and hitting the pool of water below him.

Blachowicz left the obstacle course with a smile and joked about his run on social media, where he shared footage of it. He wrote, “See what happens when I don’t have my lucky bracelet with me?” alongside the video.

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