Vilnus lands 2019 European Karate Championship

The European Karate Championship will take place on 13-14 of April in Vilnius, Lithuania, in “Siemens Arena”.

Both men and women will compete in weight categories in KUMITE and women, men and teams will also be competing in KATA category.
Each country will have 2 participants in each category KUMITE and KATA, while the host country has one extra participant in each category.
Here are the categories for the European championship for adults:
Kumite men

Men Lightweight:  -65 kg

Men Middleweight: 65-75 kg

Men Super Middleweight: 75-85 kg

Men Heavyweight: 85-95 kg

Men Super Heavyweight: +95 kg

Kumite women:

Women Lightweight:  -50 kg

Women Super Lightweight:  50-55 kg

Women Middleweight:  55-60 kg

Women Super Middleweight:  60-65 kg

Women Heavyweight:  +65 kg

Deadline for National teams, officials and others registration – 18.03.2019

More information you can find HERE.

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