Vitalii Ishakhneli defeats Japanese at SENSHI 5

The fourth battle of SENSHI 5 squared off two of the best Kyokushin schools in the world – Russia vs. Japan.

In what was a fight conducted under the KWU Full Contact rules in the -95 kg category, Russia’s Vitalii Ishakhneli defeated Japan’s Masaki Fuji via UD.

It was Ishahneli’s second appearance under the SENSHI banner. The tall Russian won SENSHI Cup last summer in Kamchiya at SENSHI’s third edition.

Both fighters started slowly, as the Russian landed a few low kicks while the Japanese fighter was relying on his boxing. In the first two rounds, both guys went hard at each other and spent most of their energy, as Ishakhneli was the one doing most of the damage thanks to his kicks.

The last round was dominated by Vitalii who started with a massive left hook that shooked Fuji. The Asian was keeping his guard low probably of exhaustion and Ishkahneli was quick with his jabs, snapping his adversary’s head back.

In the lasting seconds, Ishakhneli landed two brutal high kicks to the head to finish his stellar performance, as there was no doubt who the winner is.

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