Volkanovski says there is no one else to fight but Max Holloway at featherweight

Alexander Volkanovski plans on defending his featherweight title in the main event of UFC 251 at home in Australia.

Volkanovski won the belt back at UFC 245 with a decision win over Max Holloway. Since then, he had hand surgery but says he will be ready to defend in Australia where he expects to rematch Holloway.

“That is the plan, that is what I want. Why wait an extra month and fight somewhere else when I can defend the belt in Australia. I’m sure the Aussies and the fans will appreciate that. Their only champion to defend on home soil,” Volkanovski said on ESPN’s Now or Never. “Again, we don’t know who it is, but Max’s name has been thrown around. If I do fight it probably will be him. That is the biggest fight for the division, I think that is the biggest fight for me and I think that is the biggest fight for the UFC and Australia.”

Although Alexander Volkanovski believes he won the fight convincingly, the featherweight champion says there is no one else at the 145 pounds to fight.

“I’m a pretty humble and respectful guy and I know he’s done great things in the division. Even though I think I won pretty convincingly, all five rounds. A lot of people are going to have that argument with me as well,” he said. “But, at the same time, I did say I would give him the rematch because he’s a great champion and I think does deserve it. There is no one else. I don’t think there is anyone else. The guys in the division had a chance to try and fight and put themselves in a number one position but they didn’t. So, I think the fight for me is Max. But, we don’t know yet.”

With what Volkanovski said, we should expect an announcement soon for Alexander Volkanovski to defend his featherweight title against Max Holloway at UFC 251.

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