Vyacheslav Kot: The Order of Honor is a merit of Belarusian sambo

The senior coach of the Belarusian national sambo team Vyacheslav Kot was awarded the Order of Honor.  The President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko awarded for great achievements in the country’s sports.

“It is very pleasant to be appreciated, but, I believe that this is a merit of the national team and all Belarusian SAMBO. It’s just that this award and recognition were embodied in the order that I received. Something big and whole is always made up of grains. A person who does what he loves gives him all of himself. Somewhere we receive recognition from structures, including international, state, republican ones. This suggests that we are moving in the right direction. The main thing is that our sport develops,” Vyacheslav Kot said.

For 23 years, the coach led the national team of Belarus, under his leadership, athletes became champions and prize-winners of the world, Europe, and prestigious international competitions.

“I am sure this award will give a positive result in further work. It is difficult to jump over the achievements of your teacher, for a start I would like to correspond him. But you need to strive for more, otherwise you will stop at the same level. The mentor set the bar high, however, Vyacheslav Stepanovich helps both in word and deed,” the head coach of the national team Dmitry Bazylev said.

“I’m sure that this will give an impetus to the development of SAMBO in Belarus,” the trainer said.

Based on materials from www.octagon.by and sambo.sport

Photo BELTA and www.octagon.by

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