Wanderlei Silva calls out Vitor Belfort for rematch in boxing

MMA legend Wanderlei Silva called out fellow Brazilian mixed martial artist Vitor Belfort for a rematch in the boxing ring.

Silva and Belfort have never seen eye-to-eye. The pair first met way back at UFC Brazil in October 1998, with Belfort finishing Silva with a first-round knockout. The two then coached TUF Brazil in 2012 and were supposed to fight in a rematch, but the fight was canceled due to injuries. But even a decade later, these two do still not like each other and they continue to take shots at each other whenever they are able to get the chance to.

Recently, Belfort returned to boxing and he knocked out Evander Holyfield in the first round with punches. Silva watched the fight and he said that he wants to fight Belfort in a rematch in boxing. Speaking to AG Fight, Silva said that he wants it to be a boxing match so he doesn’t have to worry about takedowns, and just focus on knocking Belfort out.

“It would be a super interesting fight and most of all, it’s a fight that everyone wants to see. Everyone wants to see me smack around Belfort. I’m sure boxing will be different. I have very good boxing, I’ve been training boxing for a long time and I’m sure my boxing can surprise everyone,” Silva said. “I’m interested, getting ready. After this new trend, the legends face each other, in a rule a little easier than boxing, because you don’t need to train jiu-jitsu, takedowns. It’s a little more ‘light’. So I’m keeping in shape, because I know that when the time and the right event come, if it’s good for the audience and if they want to see the ‘Wand’ in action, it’ll be really cool.”

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