WBA release statement on Wladimir Klitschko

This week the World Boxing Association (WBA) released a statement on former WBA, WBO and IBF world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko. Ongoing links tying Klitschko to a high-powered role within the WBA had led to the organization explaining things further.

The president of the World Boxing Association (WBA), Gilberto Jesus Mendoza, appointed the new board last week. However, there has been some confusion regarding Wladimir Klitschko role within the WBA,” said the information released this week.

“The WBA would like to clarify that Klitschko is a very good friend of the entity. He is not a Director nor a Staff of the organization.

“The former Eastern European boxer is one of the most emblematic champions of the WBA and the entity is very proud of him.

“Klitschko has worked hand in hand with President Mendoza in various projects of expansion, training to make boxing a better sport.

“Without further information, the WBA continues to work for boxing and finding ways to make the discipline grow worldwide thanks to a joint effort of all its members and collaborators.”

In the past several months the Ukrainian was also being linked with a shocking returning to the professional rings, as rumors were saying that “Dr. Steelhammer” will face his old Britain adversaries – Anthony Joshua (22-0-0) and Tyson Fury (27-0-1). It was also reported that Wlad will receive a humungous offer from the video streaming service DAZN worth anywhere from 60 to 100 million dollars for three fights.

The good news is that it seems all the rumors and reporting are going down the sink, as it seems Klitschko is doing the right thing by staying retired and enjoying life.

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