When the Emelianenko brothers met (VIDEO)

They met in the finals of the Russian Combat SAMBO Championships. It’s a real retro!

Emelianenko brothers are true legends of mixed martial arts. Both are representatives of combat SAMBO, capturing the World Championships 7 times at halves. And in 2012, Fedor and Alexander met at the Russian Championships.

The brothers were intentionally seeded into different sections of the tournament grid, but they secured the absolute category and met in the finals. Everyone in the audience understood that there would be some sort of underplay in the decisive bout. As a result, the fight lasted only 7 seconds: Alexander lost to his elder brother, and everything happened in a pretty warm atmosphere.

‘The Emelianenko brothers’ match was the last in the Championships. That is, all competitions led precisely to this fight that crowned everything else,’ says Vasilevsky who had already won a gold medal by that time.

No one else had any chances to win. In the semifinals, Fedor stopped Kirill Sidelnikov in 11 seconds, but this came as a little surprise since Sidelnikov was Emelianenko’s trainee.

And Alexander defeated Alexey Knyazev in two and a half minutes: the referee stopped the bout because of Knyazev’s inability to continue the fight.

Source: sambo.sport

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