Rewind: Why shin splints are well used in muay thai

Muay thai is one of the most punishable martial arts. While in other combat sports you can avoid getting hurt somehow, this fighting art is unforgiving.

Sooner or later, the injuries will occur…

Body and mind are continuously going through huge stresses during the training sessions. Тhe list of potential injuries is endless.

To have strong shins is very important in muay thai. The ability to throw powerful roundhouse kicks is the bread and butter of every fighter.

Out of all parts of the body, shins are receiving the maximum damage during the training sessions and fights, because this martial art is heavily relying on kicking techniques.

However, there are a couple of more causes of shin splints during Muay Thai training:

  • Wearing worn-out shoes during the long runs
  • Tight calf muscles may produce a lot of stress on the shins and cause the pain
  • The tissue can get inflamed due to the poor running form
  • The calves’ growth may cause an imbalance in your legs and unnecessary stress on the shins.

Many people, especially the beginners are overusing the shins by unloading with the powerful kicks. But, this is a recipe for disaster.

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