Whyte: Wilder’s got no skills, Fury ain’t good, I’m knocking Joshua out

Dillian Whyte is coming off fresh from a win against fellow englishman in the face of Derreck Chisora and now is eager for his next fight. The heavy hitter claims he`ll take Joshua’s titles and gave his opiinion about Tyson Fury and Deontey Wilder. The last two are also on Whyte’s target.

About Anthony Joshua:

“He is a good fighter, good champion. I believe I can knock him out this time. The last time I waited for the right moment too much. Now I’m planning to attack a bit more. I’ll fight him and I know I need only one punch. I’m in better shape and stronger.”

About Deontey Wilder:

“Come on, baby, let’s do it! He’s got power, but every decent boxer sees his punches from 10 miles away. Hes wobbly and has no skill or thoughts whatsoever.”

About Fury:

“He’s tall, but he’s not strong and can’t hurt you. He shows that in every fight. In most of his matches he gets knocked down. I can definetely pull his heart out and knock him out”

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