Wilder knows why Fury “ducked” rematch

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (40-0-1) is just a week away from his next title defense against fellow countryman Dominic Breazeale, but the Alabama native is still talking about his last adversary in the ring – Tyson Fury (27-0-1).

The two heavyweights shared the ring last December in Los Angeles when after a controversial judges decision the fight was called a draw, even though it was clear the Brit did more than enough to win the belt. Everybody was expecting an immediate rematch between them and when the second fight was maybe days away from announcing, “The Gypsy King” signed a deal with ESPN and the rematch was off.

As of now, both boxers have upcoming fights, but the 33-years-old American thinks Fury was obviously scared to get back between the ropes with “The Bronze Bomber”.

Image: БТА

“I whooped Fury, I was the aggressor. The highlight of the first fight was me knocking Fury down,” said the Alabama native.

“Tyson don’t want me; he knows I gave him a concussion. I understand why he made the decision he did. I hurt Tyson Fury very badly. I gave him a concussion. This man had memory loss.

“And that’s not healthy. So if he needs a warm-up or a tune-up to get some of his marbles back, go do it. Take as many warm-ups as you need. He says he’s got three more fights. And those fights will lead up to me. And this time I’m going to finish it. So go get healthy. Because I want the best Tyson Fury when the time comes.”

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