Wilder: Tyson Fury should step aside if I can fight the winner of Joshua-Ruiz

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (41-0-1) has always been interested in a unification bout. At least that’s what he’s saying in a long time.

The 33-year-old American said earlier this year that his next fight is a rematch with Luis Ortiz this fall and then he’s onto the rematch with Tyson Fury. Both Fury and Wilder said that everything is set for their highly anticipated second fight that will take place in 2020, but now “The Bronze Bomber” is stating that the Brit should step aside if there is a chance for a unification bout with the winner from the Anthony Joshua – Andy Ruiz fight.

According to Wilder, Tyson doesn’t really want to fight the American again.

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“In my opinion, I don’t feel Fury wants to fight me again anyway…

“If this opportunity comes about, I think Fury will pass up his opportunity, he would want me to fight for the unification, and then come back and fight him.

“He ain’t really no king, he doesn’t have a title. I revived his career for him, you’re welcome. Now, if that happens, Fury, step aside.”

“I would want him to step aside, which I think he would do anyway. I think he would, but I would want him to do it as well, to give a unification. One champion, one face, one name. That has never left my mind.”

The WBC champ had a message for the former world champion Anthony Joshua who recently said that his heavyweight’s foes are freezing him out of the major picture.

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“I don’t recall having no meetings talking about freezing him out or whatever. That’s some lame s***, man. What do I wanna freeze you out for when I wanna slaughter you? When I wanna hurt you? When I wanna knock you out?

“Why would I freeze you out? I still wanna fight you AJ.

AJ, to answer your question. I ain’t had no meeting with no-one. Me and Fury ain’t got together to talk about nothing, I don’t know where you get this ‘freezing out’ stuff from.

“Hey man, handle your business, our fight’s still in line, don’t worry about that. I’mma knock you out just like I said I would. I want you to focus on Ruiz, may the best man win in that and, after that s***, let’s get this thing popping.”

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