WKF mourns passing of WKF Executive Committee member William Millerson

The World Karate Federation has announced yesterday of the passing of Mr. William Millerson at the age of 67.

Member of the WKF Executive Committee, PKF Honorary President and former World Championships and continental championships medallist, William Millerson was a beloved and most respected personality for the whole Karate family and one of the most relevant figures in the recent history of the sport.

A Karate legend as an athlete, coach, and administrator, William Millerson played an outstanding role in the progress of the sport for over three decades. He passed away in Curaçao Saturday, June 20th.

Two-time European Championships medallist, World Championships bronze medallist, and winner of the first edition of the PKF Championships, Mr. Millerson enjoyed a successful career as a competitor, and he participated in five World Championships as a coach, delegate, and athlete.

Mr. Millerson, who was an 8th Dan Black belt, started his trajectory as a Karate administrator in 1986 when he was appointed Secretary-General of the Pan American Karate Federation (PKF). In 1993, he was elected President of the PKF, a position which he maintained until 2013. Since that year, he became the Honorary President of the Pan American Karate Federation.

Millerson was suffering from cancer. On June 3 he resigned as President of the Estates of Curaçao.

Source: www.wkf.net

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