WKF President Antonio Espinos: We can’t be excluded before Tokyo

World Karate Federation (WKF) – Antonio Espinos said that the exclusion of Karate from the 2024 Olympic games is “simply not logical” before the sport is allowed to showcase itself in Tokyo next year.

We remind you that the Organizing Committee of the 2024 Olympic Games has not included Karate as one of the 4 additional disciplines, although the sport will be represented next year in the 2020 Olympic games.

“Karate is in a unique situation. It is the only sport in the programme of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games that, regardless of being a world-class power in France, has been excluded from the list of additional disciplines of Paris 2024. This decision has been taken even before giving the sport the opportunity to make its debut in Tokyo,” said Espinos.

“We cannot be excluded before Tokyo. It is simply not logical to exclude our sport before allowing it to showcase its values in Tokyo and before having enough arguments to evaluate its continuity as an Olympic sport,” added the president.



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