WNO Champion Tim Spriggs calls out Gordon Ryan

Newly-crowned Who’s Number One (WNO) heavyweight champion Tim Spriggs isn’t mincing his words in regards to Gordon Ryan.

At the WNO Championships, Spriggs surprised many in the jiu-jitsu community when he defeated Haisam Rida, Tex Johnson, and Kaynan Duarte to capture the inaugural WNO heavyweight championship. In the audience for Spriggs’ title-winning performance was Gordon Ryan, a man that many consider to be the top no-gi grappler in the world and an obvious next opponent for Spriggs.

However, Ryan has been on an indefinite leave of absence from competition since May, citing health problems. Although Ryan maintains that those health concerns are not yet completely under control and he is still unable to eat properly, he is nonetheless scheduled to return to action on October 20 at WNO event, where he will face UFC welterweight fighter Philip Rowe in an “exhibition match.” Rowe is 0-2 in notable grappling competition, losing to Gabriel Checco in Submission Underground, and Kody Steele on the undercard of a WNO event.

With Ryan stating that he is unavailable for elite competition — yet simultaneously saying that Spriggs is merely a “hobbyist” — Spriggs is frustrated, and itching for the match against Ryan. On a recent episode of the Grappling Hour, Spriggs spoke at length about Ryan, calling him out directly and calling into question his claimed health concerns.

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