WNO Championships: Andrew Wiltse, Kennedy Maciel, Ethan Crelinsten are out

We are now two weeks away from the two-day Who’s Number One (WNO) Championships, and the event has seen some changes to the line-up lately. Andrew Wiltse of the 185-pound division, as well as Kennedy Maciel and Ethan Crelinsten of the 155-pound division, have been removed from the competition. FloGrappling has announced their replacements.

Wiltse has been replaced by top Gracie Barra representative Pedro Marinho. An offensively-minded grappler with a knack for finding the guillotine, Marinho is an ADCC veteran with recent notable wins over Roberto Jimenez, Gabriel Almeida, and Davi Ramos.

Maciel has been replaced by Gabriel Sousa. Sousa is a frequent competitor in both gi and no-gi Sousa holds wins over Josh Cisneros (in the gi), Lucas Pinheiro, and Ethan Crelinsten.

And with Crelinsten out, he is replaced by his former Danaher Death Sqaud teammate Damien Anderson. Anderson burst onto the scene earlier this year with a phenomenal submission win at Who’s Number One. He followed that performance up with a strong showing at the Emerald City Invitational where he was able to submit Gabriel Sousa before losing to eventual champion Gianni Grippo.

The WNO Championships is a two-day event featuring five eight-person brackets and many of the best grapplers in the world competing in submission-only matches. You can view each of the weight divisions here: men’s 155 lbs., men’s 185 lbs., men’s heavyweight, women’s 115 lbs., women’s heavyweight. 

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