Workout of the day: Holiday perspiration

The most wonderful time of the year is just upon us. The festive spirit is all around us. We get to spend time with our loved ones and catch up with the siblings and family we couldn’t see that often. Which automatically means there will be a lot of food and beverages at the tables.

But don’t worry, we got you covered with some light-heavy workout that will get you through these “tough holiday times” of munching and sipping.

At the end of the day, the new year is just a week away and we don’t wanna welcome 2020 in the worst possible shape.


Jog 400 meters


15 glute bridges

10 air squats

Rest 3 minutes

2-4 reps of muscle snatch

2-4 reps of snatch land

2-4 reps of an overhead squat

Rest 2 minutes

10 bench presses

10 strict L chest-to-bar pull-ups

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