Workout of the day: It’s getting hotter

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Slowly, but surely, the winter is going away. If she even came. March is upon us and the spring is knocking on our doors. Which means it’s time to see who did what during those not so cold months.

As the days past by, the weather is getting better and better and you should start visiting the nearby park instead of sweating in the gym. So, here’s one groovy workout for you that will keep your energy levels high throughout the whole day.


Run 1 km at high speed

10 overhead squats

30-second elbow to instep, per side

10 ring rows

10 thoracic rotations per side, in the bottom of a squat

10 walking-lunge steps with a PVC pass-through

Run 500 meters at high speed

20×2 sit-ups

20×3 push-ups

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