World champions from Russia and Japan will be in Belarus for a seminar

Karate kyokushin will be celebrated for three days between 24-th and 27-th of January in 2019 in Gomel, Belarus. Karatekas from all over the world and all federations colult participate in the seminar. The training sessions will be held by the World Champion from Ekaterinburg 2018 Angelika Sabaeva and Yokozawa Toku (3-rd degree), Alexander Makarevich (3-rd degree). The organiser of the event will be Sergey Viktorovich (4-th degree).

Main goals of the seminar are to prepare kyokushiun competitors for international tournaments, developing better skills and overall physical preparation. The seminar will also include lessons on how to have a better recovery when training full-time.

Everyone who is of age 10 or above can take part in the tournament and can sign up until 20-th of January at The entry fee is 35 USD.

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