World Judo Tour Update

The International Judo Federation President Marius Vizer wrote a letter to all the national federations, giving them updates on the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic and the potential restart of competitive judo.

“Dear International Judo Family,

We hope you are well and staying positive during this difficult time.

We have been closely monitoring the health situation and various governmental guidelines all around the world, while countries are combatting the spread of Covid-19. We are pleased to see that some countries are on the way to reopen their borders, and hopefully soon this will be applied to regions and finally to a global level.

Currently, the International Judo Federation is in discussions with Organizing Committees for rescheduling World Judo Tour events. We plan to schedule suspended events, where possible, according to geographical accessibility, equality, promoting fair participation chances for all those taking part in the Olympic Games Qualification. Our objective is to restart the World Judo Tour as soon as it becomes safe and fair to do so.

The IJF current plan is to recommence the tour from September, however, the Covid-19 factors are out of our control. We do hope that by then, the health crisis will not affect travel and work conditions any longer.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon and we wish you all to stay safe and healthy.”

Marius L. Vizer

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