World Taekwondo to deliver coaching courses online amid pandemic

World Taekwondo has announced it will move its international coach certification courses online for the first time, as the federation responds to the ongoing issues related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Initially, the courses were scheduled to take place in person, but due to the ongoing coronavirus lockdown and keeping the participants safe, it has been decided to make them online.

“Coaches are vital to our athletes and to our sport,” said Chungwon Choue, World Taekwondo President.

“It is therefore essential that all our coaches are consistently provided with the highest quality training and are able to deliver the highest-quality support to their athletes.

“By making the coaching course online, not only can we ensure that coaches are continuing to receive education and training but we can also help member national associations reduce costs by saving on travel and logistical expenses.

“Coaches with level one certification can coach at G1 and G2 international competitions while those with level two certification can coach at all G-ranking international competitions.

“World Taekwondo has 66 instructors distributed evenly across the continents and is offering the courses in various languages to cater to the global coaching community.”

Having a valid World Taekwondo coach license will be mandatory for anyone who wants to be coaching at events that are being organized or promoted by the governing body from January 2021.

The courses cover competition rules, safeguarding, anti-doping, medical code and emergency cases, games management, and an introduction to World Taekwondo.


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