Wrestling in Hungary resumes this week

European wrestling is slowly but surely returns, as Hungary will resume its competitions this week.

The Hungarian Wrestling Federation has decided to restart its national championship series from July 18. Not only that, but Olympic points will be given to the winners of beach wrestling events that will boost the popularity of the discipline.

UWW is working on including Beach wrestling in the Olympic program.

László Fábián, the sports director of the Hungarian Olympic Committee, took part in the first Beach World Games in 2019 as the leader of the Hungarian team, where beach wrestling was also included in the program. “One of the most pleasant highlights of the Doha event was beach wrestling. It is a spectacular, easy-to-understand, well-followed, viewer-friendly discipline of wrestling. The audience loved it and the atmosphere was great,” he said.

The Hungarian Federation is doing its best to strengthen the discipline, so this year it has decided to organize a national championship series consisting of three venues: Esztergom-Kertváros, Öböl Music Beach, Balatonfüred, Füred Camping, and Holiday Village, and Lupa Beach in Budakalász.

Source: www.wrestlingtv.in

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