Wrestling’s Pan-American senior championship to take place in Mexico

The Senior Pan-American Championships 2022 will now be held in Acapulco, Mexico, instead of Santiago, Chile.

Despite the efforts of United World Wrestling and the Chilean Wrestling Federation, the event could not be held as originally scheduled in Santiago from May 5-8, 2022. The requirement decided by the Chilean Ministry of Health did not guarantee the participation of all countries.

Consequently, UWW was forced to move the competition to Acapulco. UWW would like to thank the Chilean Wrestling Federation for all the efforts put into organizing this event.

The Championships will be held according to the original program decided with seven weights of Greco-Roman beginning the event on May 5. The second day will see three remaining weights of Greco-Roman and four weights of women’s wrestling. The remaining six weights of women’s wrestling and two weights classes of freestyle wrestling will compete on Mat 7. Finally, the tournament will be closed out by the remaining eight freestyle weights on Sunday, May 8.

The deadline for the final entries is set for April 5, 2022.

Source: www.uww.org

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