WT President hopes Olympic taekwondo qualifiers can be held this year

World Taekwondo President Chungwon Choue has expressed hope that the rescheduled European and Asian Olympic taekwondo qualifiers can be done in 2020.

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Both international competitions were postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Asian qualifications were switched from Wuxi in China to Jordan’s capital Amman and rescheduled competition for June 5 to 7 before it was suspended.

Taekwondo’s European qualification for Tokyo 2020 was postponed for a second time in March after its relocation to Moscow, Russia.

Up to this moment, both competitions haven’t been rescheduled for an exact date.

To our athletes in Asia and Europe, we hope that you will have your chance to qualify this year,” Choue said in a message celebrating the 47th founding anniversary of World Taekwondo.

“We are constantly monitoring the global situation to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being and also to ensure fair play. In the meantime, I wish you the very best for your training in whatever safe form you can manage as directed by your coaches and the best available Government advice.”

Choue also called on the taekwondo family to remain united in response to the coronavirus crisis.

“Ultimately, the biggest challenge ahead of us is to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic,” he added.

“This is one challenge where we truly need to be united as one world. So I urge you, the global taekwondo family to listen to the health authorities. It is complex and challenging but please stay safe and stay home – and stay positive.”

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