Young karateka needs our help!

The big Kyokushin family got some horrendous news and you can help.

The son of Svyatoslav Erenkov, a participant of the 2nd KWU Kyokushin World Championship, was diagnosed with a bilateral nephroblastoma (a malignant tumor of both kidneys).

The family is now in South Korea, where the treatment was prescribed.

Unfortunately, the total sum of the treatment is impossible for the young family. Excluding hospitalization and additional expenses, they need $ 165,355. All documents are in the Instagram profile of the child’s mother – @d_erenkova

At the moment (March 7, 2019) $56,249 has been donated.

Requisites for money transfer:
Sberbank card number:
4276 7011 9867 4139 Svyatoslav Olegovich E.
Sberbank card number:
4276 8700 2279 0666 Daria Dmitrievna E. (mother)
VTB Bank card number:
4093 9800 1253 2811
Kivi 89141505080

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