1st Dan Kendo grading in the USA

This clip is a really great example of strong posture and clean, clear cuts.

The analysis vids are structured with three key areas of feedback:
1) ‘Stay doing’ – what they did well and/or should keep doing
2) ‘Start doing’ – something that could be added to the mix
3) ‘Stop doing’ – something that could/should be avoided for best results!

The feedback is pretty ‘holistic’ meaning that we are looking at the bigger picture. For more detailed examples of areas to tweak, check out the bookmarks (and explanations) below.

Some Pointers:
1:16 Good attempt
1:28 Relax the arms more (maybe shoulders are stiff?)
1:30 Keep your hands down i.e. do not lift your hands up too high after strike
1:33 Good kote attempt. If anticipated, could have been a clean strike.
1:45 Good men strike from his opponent

Overall, his arms look pretty tight. Maybe his left hand is too low. That will extend his left elbow without him knowing about it.

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