2021 IBJJF Pans results: Fellipe Andrew wins double gold

Alliance representative Fellipe Andrew further solidified his status as the top male black belt IBJJF competitor over the weekend, winning gold in the super heavyweight and absolute divisions at the Pan Championships…. stuff

In the finals of the super heavyweight division, Andrew squared off with fellow Alliance representative and 2020 Pans champion Guilherme Augusto. Andrew confidently pulled guard early and secured a sweep, putting him up 2-0 just minutes into the match. About midway through the match, Andrew swept again to earn another two points, but Augusto quickly swept back to top position. Andrew defended aggressive passing attempts from Augusto using a lasso for much of the final few minutes of the match before locking into the 50/50 position. The pair would stay tangled in the 50/50 for the remainder of the match; Andrew won super heavyweight gold by a score of 4-2.
In the finals of the absolute division, Andrew faced Atos representative and heavyweight champion Gustavo Batista in what was a rematch of the 2020 Pans absolute division final (a match that Andrew won by an advantage). Batista pulled guard early, but Andrew was able to secure a clean guard pass with over eight minutes remaining. From side control, Andrew earned four more points from a pair of transitions to knee-on-belly. Batista would sweep to top position, but was immediately swept back by Andrew. From there, the pair locked into the 50/50 position and traded sweeps for minutes. Batista frantically tried to take Andrew’s back in the closing seconds, but was ultimately unable. Andrew secured the absolute gold by a score of 18-8.

Fellipe Andrew is now a four-time Pans gold medalist.

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