34th KWF Kyokushin European Championship Honoured the Tradition

The 34th KWF Kyokushin European Championship was held in Świnoujście (Poland) with the participation of the national teams of 18 countries.

The tradition was honoured by all karatekas and the hosts during the tournament.

The ME was officially opened by the President of KWF, Antonio Pinero, Secretary-General Andrzej Drewniak, President of PZK Maciej Sokołowski, Vice President of Świnoujście, and the Mayor of the adjacent City of Ahlbeck in Germany, reports kwunion.com.

The main judge was Shihan Antonio Pinero, the technical judge was Shihan Fernando Perez, the secretariat was supervised by Shihan Andrzej Drewniak, medical protection was provided by Krzysztof Mawlichanow, MD, Ph.D. The secretariat was led by sensei Magda Ilczuk.

You can find the official results HERE.

The guests of honor were the Vice-President of PZK Wacław Antoniak and the Vice-President of the KWF Spanish organization Jose Lezkano.

The contestants were accommodated in the 5-star Radisson Hotel, where the ceremonial Sayonara took place.

On September 24, the annual EKF General Reporting Meeting was held with the participation of National Representatives, which also discussed the organizational matters of the Kyokushin World Championships in Krakow on November 19-20, 2021. The direct organizer of the championship was the Świnoujska Akademia Karate led by sensei Paweł Sujka.

The next 35th KWF European Championship is planned in Ukraine in May 2022.

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